AURORA was founded in 1992. as privately owned company. During past years of work Aurora has found it’s place on market and stayed there only because trust of buyers. Conserned for quality and concurrent of it’s products, Aurora is developing very effectively.

Proizvodi Aurore mogu se podeliti u sledeće grupe:

In production we are relied on well known world companies like: BASF, CIBA, Clariant…

Present production and storage capasity of Aurora are built according to latest technology and recommendations with all needed agreements and licens for work. Also including licence for work with easy combustible, and toxic materies. Storage capasity of 200.000 litres, insufficient to follow needs of production, required new storage and production capasities up to 800.000 litres and production area to 2000m2. All objects are privately owned.

Listed capacities provided long time definition of business politics: development, production, cooperation, useful storage…

Good qualification structure and employees work experience guarantee correct business cooperation with buyers and consumers of our products.

We are here to follow your needs!

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