Description: Large selection of thinners and raw material for the stain and varnish industry, cleaning and degreasing substances, antifreeze, adhesives, construction chemicals and other applications.

Characteristics and application: All material has technical documentation which is enclosed with the deliveries.
High quality, safe and quick delivery with ADR vehicles.

Packaging: Plastic containers, 10 and 20 L, plastic and metal barrels, 200 L, IBC containers 1000 L.


– Ethyl acetate
– Oil thinner (white spirit based)
– Butil diglycol acetate PU
– Degreaser B (SB 80/110 based)
– N Butanol
– Butyl diglycol PU
– Isopropyl alcohol
– Methoxy propanol
– Flexo tinner (Etanol based)
– Glicerin
– Dibutil phtalate
– Metasol den (Methanol based)
– Butilglikole
– Solvesso A 150
– Propylene glycol PU
– Solester PU (Acetone based)
– Thinner T (Toluene based)
– Methyl Ethyl ketone (MEK)
– Methylene chloride
– Cyclohexene
– Xylene PU
– Butyl acetate
– Glikoterm PU Ethylene glycol (Monoethylen glycol)
– Hidraulan DOT 3
– Methoxypropyl acetate