Linseed Oil Varnish is a thin-layer undercoat wood protection for interior and exterior surfaces such as construction carpentry, panelling, fences. Its composition provides quality impregnation and stability in all weather conditions and elements.

Characteristics and application: It is applied to a dry and properly sanded clean wooden surface by rubbing with a cotton cloth, using a brush, roller, submersion or spraying. It can also be used as a single layer for impregnation or in two layers as a final coat.

Linseed Oil Varnish can also be used to tone lazure coatings.

Drying: The applied coat is dry within 18-24 hours. The first coat should be sanded using fine grit paper and cleaned prior to the application of the next layer.

Tones: color of honey

Coverage: 1 litre of Linseed Oil Varnish can cover 10-12m2 in a single coat.

Packaging: 0,45 L (PET bottles, 20 pcs. per package), 0,9 L (PET bottles, 12 pcs. per package), 10 L, plastic PE container).