Used for degreasing and cleaning engines, metal and hard floors 

MOTOFLASH is a ready-to-use substance for degreasing and exterior washing of engines with internal combustion, diesel tanks and reservoirs, greasy floors in industrial facilities and similar greasy and dirty surfaces.

Application and use: It is applied to surfaces using brushes, towels, by submersion or spraying. Depending on the thickness of the greasy layer, after application, wait 30 min. to 2 hours and pressure wash afterwards (pipeline water pressure is sufficient). Affects exclusively greasy surfaces (grease, crude oil, bitumen, asphalt) and does not damage other material. If Motoflash is used to clean closed systems, the procedure is conducted by circulating 2:5 of a water solution. Temporarily protects from corrosion.

Packaging: 1 L (PET packaging, 12 pcs. per package. If necessary, it may be packed in plastic PE containers).