Refined, bleached linseed oil.Used for painting, wood protection and final marble treatment.

Characteristics and application:  Linseed oil is applied to a dry and properly sanded clean wooden surface by rubbing with a linen cloth, roller or submerging smaller pieces. directly into the oil. After the oil has been absorbed by the wood, the excess oil must be rubbed in using a felt cloth after which the surface shall obtain the desired appearance. It is applied in a single or, if necessary, several coats. It would be beneficial to refresh the wood after 1-2 years with a new coat. 

For final stone treatment (lime or travertine), hot Linseed Oil is applied, rubbed in and polished with dry linen cloths. The stone shall retain its natural color and patterns.  

Drying: The applied coats are dry in 18-24 hours. 

Tones: Light yellow, color of honey

Coverage: 1 litre of Linseed Oil can cover 8-10m2 of wood in a single coat.

Packaging: 0,45 L (PET,20 pcs. per package.) and 1 L (12 pcs. per package.)