Boat varnish is a clear high-gloss wood varnish with great moisture and wear resistance with good absorption and spreading characteristics. It is convenient for wood surface protection such as wooden boats, weekend houses, residential and garage doors, panelling, blinds, garden sets etc.

Characteristics and application: Apply Boat Varnish to a dry and properly sanded clean wooden surface using a brush or roller in a single or double coat. The viscosity is regulated for use with a brush with no dilution necessary. The most adequate conditions for application are at temperatures from 18 to 23ºC and air humidity of 65-70%. The varnish is touch and dust dry after a few hours but the next coat may be applied after 18-24 hours depending on the coat thickness and temperature.

Drying: The varnish is touch and dust dry after a few hours, but complete drying may be expected after 24 hours depending on the coat thickness, outside temperature and air humidity.

Tones: Boat varnish is essentially the color of honey.

Coverage: One 1 litre of Boat Varnish can cover 8-10 m2in a single coat depending on the applied primer, type and wood moisture.

Packaging: 0,75 L-can (12 pcs. per package), 3 L- can (4 pcs. per package), 10 L-plastic PE container