Thin-layer primer for wood protection

Impregnant is a thin-layer primer for wood protection for interior and exterior surfaces such as carpentry, panelling, fences and wood objects. Its contents provide quality impregnation and fastness under all weather conditions and elements

Characteristics and application: Prior to use, the contents must be properly mixed to the bottom of the container. It is applied to a dry and properly sanded clean wooden surface using a brush, roller, by submersion or spraying. It is applied in 1-2 layers as a primer for impregnation and fastness of the final coat (as a primer for Lazurtop, Gardentop or varnish). 

Drying: The applied coat is dry within 18-24 hours. Sand after first coat with fine grit paper and wiped down.

Tones: Produced as a clear liquid.

Coverage: 1 litre of Impregnant can cover 10-12 m2  in a single coat depending on the type of wood and its moisture.

Packaging: 0,75 L-can (12 pcs. per package), 10 L- plastic PE container.