Substance for cleaning solid PVC profiles

PVC CLEANER Q-20 is a ready-to-use substance which has an antistatic effect. It is used for cleaning solid PVC profiles, laminate profiles, foam profiles and plastic plates.

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It removes dust residue, glue from the protective PVC profile foil, pencil and marker writings, eraser marks, fresh foam sealant and bitumen splashes. The antistatic substance contained in the product efficiently prevents repeated surface staining. Due to its good compatibility, PVC Cleaner Q-20, is used with various plastic surfaces has an antistatic effect and is especially convenient for the PVC carpentry industry and for label and sticker removal.

Application and use: Dust must first be removed from the dirty surface using a clean towel or non-cellulose fabric. For all types of plastic not mentioned, we suggest preliminary tests be performed prior to use. If the PVC Cleaner Q-20 is used for cleaning surfaces for glue preparation, the antistatic agent may have a negative effect on the adhesive substances.

Packaging: 0.9 L (can 12 per package) and 10 L (plastic container)