Luterm® thermofluid Solar T 200 is a ready-to-use solution for solar systems. The product was developed due to greater applications in solar vacuum collectors with a high temperature standstill up to 260 C where the usual substances are based on ethylene and propylene evaporate due to their low boiling temperature creating residue similar to salts which inevitably results in operation difficulties and frequent system breakdowns.

Characteristics and application: Luterm® thermofluid Solar T 200 is a physiologically safe (non-toxic) green-toned, clear water-based solution of higher glycols. It is used for heat transfer in solar heating systems, especially those exposed to extremely high thermal loads. The temperature application field ranges from -23C to +200C (shortly up to 270C). The minimum exploitation period under normal usage conditions is 10 years.

Packaging: 10 and 20 L (plastic container), Metal-plastic barrel 200 L, IBC container 1000 L

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